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Scholarship Info

This list will be updated throughout the year. If you have questions, see one of the counselors.

Scholarship Information

August 2018



Due Date

AES Engineers Scholarship

October 6


Air Force ROTC Scholarships

January 31


American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Family Scholarships

Deadlines vary

Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition

Feb 22

Baylor University- Carr P. Collins Scholars Program

January 31

Black Excel Scholarship Gateway

Deadlines vary


B. Davis Scholarship


May 24

Coca Cola Scholars Program

October 31


Horatio Alger Association


Deadlines vary

LendEDU Scholarship


October 19

LeTourneau University Scholarships

February 1

Sam Houston State Scholarships

February 1


Stephen F. Austin Scholarships

February 1


Top 10% Scholarship Program    



Texas Interscholastic League Foundation


May 2017

Texas A&M Scholarships

December 1


Texas State University Scholarships

December 15


Texas Tech University

February 1

Texas Tuition Exemptions

January 1

UNCF Scholarships

Deadlines vary (Sept- Nov)

United States Presidential Scholars Program

October 6

UT Austin Scholarships

Texas Exes Scholarship

December 1


UT Tyler Scholarships

February 1

University of Houston

Deadlines vary

Washington Cross Foundation Scholarship

January 15


Wendy’s High School Heisman Award

October 6

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