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Scholarship Info

This list will be updated throughout the year. If you have questions, see one of the counselors.

Scholarship Information

December 2017


Due Date

Air Force ROTC Scholarships

December 1


American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Family Scholarships

Deadlines vary

Austin Bank

*Apps in Counselors’ Office

February 23

BBB Kay Robinson Student Integrity Scholarship

Feb 16

Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition

Feb 22

Baylor University- Carr P. Collins Scholars Program

January 31

Black Excel Scholarship Gateway

Deadlines vary


B. Davis Scholarship


May 22

CrossLites Scholarship

December 31

East Texas Communities Foundation

December 1

East Texas Professional Credit Union

*Apps in counselors’ office


March 1

Haraldson Foundation Scholarship

December 1


HP Scholarships

December 31

Horatio Alger Association


Deadlines vary

Illustrators of the Future Scholarship

December 31

Intel Science Talent Search


November 11

LeTourneau University Scholarships

February 1

Miss Texas Teen USA

*Applications in Counselors’ Office

September 29

MENSA Essay Contest

January 15


National Hispanic Fund Scholarship

Deadlines vary


Profiles in Courage Scholarship

January 4

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards


November 3

Ramsey Realty Group

*Apps in counselors’ office

February 28

Ron Brown Scholarship Program

January 9

Sam Houston State Scholarships

February 1


ScienceNet Scholarship Listing

Deadlines vary


SP Scholarship

December 31

Stephen F. Austin Scholarships

February 1


Top 10% Scholarship Program    



Texas Interscholastic League Foundation


May 2017

Terry Foundation Scholarships

January 15


Texas A&M Scholarships

December 1


Texas Music Educators Association Scholarships

November 16

Texas State University Scholarships

December 15


Texas Student Housing Scholarship Application

*Apps in counselors’ office.

January 31

Texas Tech University

February 1

Texas Tuition Exemptions

January 1

UNCF Scholarships

Deadlines vary (Sept- Nov)

UT Austin Scholarships

Texas Exes Scholarship

December 1


UT Tyler Scholarships

February 1

University of Houston

Deadlines vary

W. W. Allen Boys and Girls Club Scholarship- Oklahoma State University

February 15

Washington Cross Foundation Scholarship

January 15


VII Corps Desert Storm Veterans Association

January 15

You Deserve It Scholarship

December 29

Free Scholarship Search:

Fast Web

Big Future

Go Center

My College Dollars


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