Accelerated Education Pathway


Gateway’s mission is to engage non-traditional students with innovative and accelerated instruction in order to prepare educated, responsible citizens for post-secondary education and/or skilled careers.The goal of the program is to meet the needs of students who have struggled to find success in a regular classroom setting by offering an accelerated pathway to graduation. Students will also receive training in occupational skills, character building and leadership development.

 The program focuses on the following:

  • Drop-out Prevention and Recovery of Drop-outs
  • Four-year Graduation Rate and High School Completion Rate
  • Improving college and career readiness

 Who Is Eligible:

Students at risk of not graduating.

  • Students who have been retained one or more grades;
  • Students who are married, pregnant or a parenting teen;
  • Students with extenuating family or health circumstances;  
  • Students who have previously dropped out of school;  
  • Students placed in DAEP;  
  • Students who are on parole, probation or conditional release;
  • Students in the custody or care of the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services;
  • Students who are homeless;
  • Students who reside in a residential placement facility; OR
  • Students with extenuating or special circumstances may be approved for the program by the admissions committee.

Application Process:

Eligible students may complete an application (see below) and return it to Mrs. Hattaway in the KHS Counselors’ Office. The application will be considered by an admissions committee. The admissions committee will consider the applicant’s academic, attendance and behavioral history, as well as any situation that has made success in the traditional academic setting difficult.  

Gateway hours are 4-7 pm Monday through Thursday in the computer lab of the Annex building. Students will complete coursework online. For more information, contact Mrs. Hattaway in the KHS Counselor's Office.


Jennifer Hattaway,
Jun 7, 2018, 8:51 AM